Small Business Owners

Are Your 401(k) Fees “Reasonable”

Don't Use Your Payroll Provider as Your 401k TPA


We specialize in 401(k)’s for small businesses. Many times, small businesses are taken advantage of and pay excessive fees for their small 401(k)’s. If you are a small business owner, you should know what you are paying compared to the industry average.


Did you know that as a 401(k) provider ERISA requires you to periodically benchmark your 401(k) to ensure you are offering your employees the most competitive fees and fund choices? When was the last time you benchmarked your 401(k)? We can benchmark your 401(k) plan as a third-party independent fiduciary. At the very least we will give you a report that you can put in your file for compliance to show regulators you have done your due diligence. To benchmark we do not need any sensitive information only your most recent fee discloser.


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