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Erickson, Paul; Royal Oak Financial Advisors James Westwood; Royal Oak Financial Advisors Robert Mulcahy; Royal Oak Financial Advisors Brian Branch; Royal Oak Financial Advisors John Dyer; Royal Oak Financial Advisors

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(248) 672-7469

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(248) 310-9638

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(248) 709-6134

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(248) 736-0272

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(248) 990-0381

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Click here for RIA Channels interview with Paul Erickson from the TD Ameritrade LINC Conference.  Paul discusses his investment approach for families and business clients.


This is our Form CRS.  It provides infomation about our relationship with our clients.  Standardizing how information is provided will help clients better understand and compare offerings and services across our industry.  (Form is in PDF format.  You will need Adobe Acrobat to access it.  Get it here.)