John Dyer Biography

John Dyer Biography

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I received my bachelor’s degree in economics from Michigan State University in 2003. I am also a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor through the College for Financial Planning.


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As I attended Michigan State University, I searched for the right career path. While home for break, my parents’ financial advisor happened to be at the house and was in need of a summer intern. I interned for him that summer and immediately knew that I wanted to be a financial advisor.

Since 2004 I have been in financial services industry and have gained a vast knowledge when it comes to financial planning which I enjoy sharing with my clients. Growing up in a household with only one income, money was always tight however we always managed to do things we wanted, we just had to be creative with money! I learned at a young age how important it is to live within your means and to have a plan. I have always wanted to help people build their financial plan to give them the freedom to do things they want to do. I see many people that may be stuck in debt or may not realize they have the means to take that trip or buy the home they have always wanted. I specialize in retirement and education planning for my clients.

I also specialize in 401(k)’s for small businesses. I pride myself in customer service and want to serve small businesses in our community. I love giving people access to a financial planner who may not have access outside of a 401(k). I believe that the 401(k) is one of the best retirement savings vehicles.


I’ve been Married to my wonderful wife Diana for over 10 years and have three fun loving little girls.


Five Star Professional Wealth Manager 2017-2018