Robert Mulcahy Biography

Robert discovered his passion for investing and financial planning while working as a Dallas Police Officer.  In 1991, shortly after graduating from the Dallas Police Academy, he was approached by a Lieutenant at his new substation.  As was customary of all rookies, Lieutenant Starsky sat him down and asked how much Robert was saving into the Deferred Comp Plan.  When he answered that he wasn't saving anything at all, the Lieutenant pulled out enrollment paperwork and told him to sign up immediately.  He took the time to explain the power of compounding interest.  Robert was hooked.  He read every investment book he could get his hands on.  Before he left the department, he was consulting with half of the station regarding their own retirement plans!

In 1995 Robert left the Dallas Police Department to begin work as a financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial.  In 1997 he left Ameriprise to start his own company.  His specialties are retirement planning and tax planning.



Robert has been married to his beautiful wife Karen for over 20 years.  They have 3 kids at Shrine of the Little Flower school.

He can be contacted at (248) 709-6134